4 Vintage Watch Care Tips

Have you just acquired your first vintage watch? Read on and discover some tips and suggestions which you should implement to get good performance and long life from that classic watch. 

Wind It Correctly

It is advisable for you to wind your vintage watch after removing it from your wrist. Winding the watch while it is on your wrist can shorten the life of some components, such as the winding stem. Remove the watch so that the stem isn't kept at an abnormal angle as you wind the watch. You should also know when to stop winding that watch. Don't continue winding when you feel some resistance as you turn the crown of the watch. Avoid winding the watch too much, such as several times each day, because the components will wear out quickly and fail. Wind it once each day (or less frequently if you don't wear that watch every day).

Stay Away from Magnets

Magnets can make the hairspring of the watch malfunction. This is because its coils will clump together and make the watch lose its precision in telling time since its components will run faster than they should. What are the common sources of magnetism which you should avoid? Most electronics, such as your iPad and television set, have a magnetic field around them. Keep your vintage watch far from all electronics so that its operation isn't compromised.

Avoid Shocks

Remove your vintage watch from your wrist in case you are going to do anything that can subject the watch to shock. For example, don't keep the watch on your wrist when you are going to split wood for your campfire. Similarly, don't play tennis or golf while wearing the vintage watch. Such activities will expose the watch to shock and its delicate mechanical components may be damaged.

Keep It Dry

Don't be tempted to expose your vintage watch to moisture just because it was designed to be water resistant. The passage of time may have caused the gaskets of that watch to fail or weaken. Moisture may, therefore, penetrate the watch and cause its components to corrode. Always remove your watch in case it starts raining while you are outdoors.

Visit a watch repair professional and let that person examine your watch periodically. They will give you advice on how to tweak your vintage watch care routine to prolong the service life of that watch.

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Have you just acquired your first vintage watch? Read on and discover some tips and suggestions which you should implement to get good performance and