Prolong the Life of Your Ugg Boots Using These Tips

Ugg boots can last for a long time if the owner knows how to care for them. This article discusses some useful tips that people who have just bought their first pair of Uggs should implement in order to maintain the pristine condition of those boots.

Use a Stain and Water Repellent

The first thing that you should do when you take your new pair of Ugg boots home is to treat them with a stain and water repellent. This important step will give those boots a shield to protect them from moisture ingress and damage by stubborn stains.

Avoid Excessive Moisture

You should also refrain from exposing your Ugg boots to excessive amounts of moisture. For example, don't stand in a puddle of water for long. Such moisture exposure can have several adverse effects on your boots. For instance, the adhesives holding the different parts together can fail prematurely. Secondly, the boots may lose their shape. Thirdly, water stains may form on the boots.

Stay Away From Heat

It is also advisable for you to make sure that you never leave your Ugg boots anywhere near a source of heat. Direct heat, such as the heat from a space heater, can easily cause the boots to fade. Additionally, the exterior of the boots may become brittle after prolonged exposure to heat. Even direct sunlight is equally harmful.

Dry Them Fully

It is a good habit to let your Ugg boots dry thoroughly after a cleaning session. Storing boots that are partially dry can allow mould to grow inside them. That mould is likely to damage the different layers from which the boots are made. Avoid this problem by allowing ample drying time after cleaning the boots.

Wear Socks

You can safeguard your boots from unpleasant odours by wearing socks each time you intend to wear the Ugg boots. The socks will absorb any moisture and sweat from your feet so that the boots remain odour free. However, some people enjoy the feel of the boots on their bare feet. Such people should apply an odour-absorbent product such as a mixture of corn flour and baking soda on their feet before wearing the boots.

Ugg boots can last for a long time if you take good care of them. Talk to your Ugg boots supplier for additional measures that you should take in order to prolong the useful life of your new boots.

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