How Should You Arrange Your Point-of-Sale System?

If you're setting up a point-of-sale system for your shop, you have a lot of different options on the type of system you choose. The traditional option includes a computer screen, a cash drawer, and a few other essentials. Here are some tips on setting up that equipment so that it's convenient for staff and customers alike.

Make the Screen Visible

Ideally, you should make the screen on your point-of-sale system visible to your clients. If you have a table- based system where your employee enters the purchases using a touch screen, make sure that you can turn the screen so that your customer can see it at the end.

When a customer can't see the screen, they can't watch the the sale tallying up, and they may feel concerned that they are getting overcharged. Being able to see the screen goes a long way in terms of making your customers comfortable.

Consider a Versatile Scanning Station

In addition to making your customers comfortable, you should also take steps to make your staff comfortable. In that vein, consider setting up the scanner or any other components that your staff members use so they are versatile.

In particular, you want to be able to vary heights. That way, your staff can sit or stand. That can be especially essential if you have staff members with disabilities or health concerns that make it impossible to stand all day long.

Keep the Receipt Printer Out of View

If you're trying to move away from paper, you may want to consider a point-of-sale system that allows you to email receipts to your customers. Many customers prefer this option, as it's easier to organise digital receipts. That can be especially true if you do a lot of business-to-business sales, as those customers may need to claim those purchases on their tax returns.

However, even if you opt for this type of system, you may want to still have a receipt printer. That way, if anyone asks for a receipt, you can accommodate their request. At the same time, to cut down on receipts, you may want to keep the receipt printer in a convenient spot that is out of view.

Place the Card Reader at the Exit End

Most point-of-sale systems are set up on a countertop that has an intuitive flow. Consider placing the card reader associated with the point-of-sale system on the "exit" end of the countertop. With that arrangement, one customer can pay, and the next customer in line can set their purchases on the other end of the counter and get ready to be rung up.

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